What Should a Head of Product Do?

It isn’t possible to develop a product on your own, so the head of product needs strong interpersonal skills. You need to understand how to help others in the company see the vision of the product and how to motivate them to work with you to achieve those goals. Strong interpersonal skills include being able to listen, negotiate and work well with others. Work with different departments, including marketing and design teams, to encourage creativity and build innovative products.

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At some point, however, the initial product charge gives way to other concerns. Some founders aren’t process-minded or patient enough to see their vision through to a finished, marketable product. And as your company grows, no matter how good you are at leading product development, other things––talking with reporters, fund-raising, managing a growing team––will start to spread you too thin. Working with the rest of the management team, I’m responsible for establishing a vision for FutureLearn and communicating it in simple and inspiring terms.

How to become a Director of Product

It’s my job to ensure that through user research and data analysis, the learners are at the heart of all product decisions and promote this way of thinking. It’s my responsibility to champion right over easy and simplicity over complexity in order to protect the coherence and long-term sustainability of our product. Together, Joel, Lucy and I provide leadership to those involved in delivering our product to ensure that we ship the right things to our learners and educators, as efficiently, effectively and creatively as possible. According to payscale.com, the salary of a head of product differs according to an individual’s experience.

head of product

Sometimes, a product-led organization will hire CPO to build out its product department. A CPO provides the knowledge and insight to develop a product team that meets the organization’s needs. Moreover, they serve as the intermediary between product and executive stakeholders.

What is a VP of Product?

Product management – Managing the product development process from ideation to launch and maintenance, as well as maintaining a product roadmap and prioritizing features to align with company goals. They’ll also focus more on product specifics, such as design specs and user experience. The VP of Product may also take on some of the legwork of communicating with customers, collecting feedback (with a tool like FeedBear), as well as building roadmaps. Read on to learn more about the difference between the most common product management job titles, and the part each role plays in the product team.

head of product

They also bring many years of high-ranking experience within product management to their role, as well as excellent communication, leadership, and analytical skills. The responsibility of a chief product officer to communicate strategy to executive stakeholders guarantees the need to develop an effective product strategy. They can communicate this strategy with stakeholders through a product roadmap. Furthermore, it is their responsibility to keep track of all product metrics so that they can make informed product decisions throughout the product lifecycle. One aspect you might observe about the role is it’s typically favored as an internal promotion rather than a direct hire.

Associate Product Manager

A CPO, or chief product officer, oversees an organization’s product management team and ensures that high-quality goods are produced. Their primary purpose is to create goods that benefit their organization and consumers. The chief product officer is the leader of his department related to the company products. Inspiring https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/head-of-product/ our product managers, supporting them, helping them prioritise and providing challenges and nudges where required. I provide them with a fresh pair of eyes, give them back up when it’s needed and help them see the bigger picture by playing a coordinating and a holistic role across the whole of the product.

The Chief of Product should be someone who has the necessary knowledge, that is, practical as well as techniques needed to ensure that the product fits into the environment. To become the Head, a candidate should be ready to take on every challenge that the business environment possesses and convert it into an opportunity for growth for the organization. There are multiple responsibilities that are mentioned in a head of product management job description. Let’s review the 3 most common responsibilities that a head of product can expect in their role, regardless of company size. An ideal candidate will seamlessly manage multiple tasks such as drawing actionable insights from quantitative and qualitative data, day-to-day operations, and communicating with multidisciplinary teams. Candidates are required to have management experience and a strong product portfolio.

Head of Product Management Job Description Example

I need to speak everyone’s language and communicate why we’re doing things, who’s doing them and when, to remove the potential for misunderstandings or any sense of secrecy. “At the heart of every product person, there’s a desire to make someone’s life easier or simpler. If we listen to the customer and give them what they need, they’ll reciprocate with love and loyalty to your brand.

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Your task as Head of Product Management is to increase the company’s success within our existing product lines. The spectrum of your tasks ranges from innovative product innovations to optimising the efficiency of existing products. In addition to this, you will lead a team of product managers, develop visions and sustainable strategies in order to build on the success in close co-operation with all company departments.

Chief Product Officer (CPO)

They may also need to communicate with external stakeholders about the progress of product development. A head of product focuses on aligning a company’s product strategy with the overall business strategy. This individual is also responsible for managing the product development team.

  • The position also requires that the occupier be adept at synthesizing various technologies and capabilities into the business’s products in such a way that the consumers will love.
  • Product design – Utilising knowledge of design principles and collaborating with design teams to create compelling user experiences that meet customer needs.
  • The experience of working for different companies can also be an advantage, as this will have exposed you to different company cultures and different ways of practicing product management.
  • Proactively building your resume and relationships will help you with your career path.
  • They’ll also make sure the right people are in place in the product team, specifically in leadership roles, such as senior product managers and the VP(s) of Product.
  • One of the things I learnt from my time at the two companies is that there is no one right way to practice product management.

In a small organization, these functions are prone to merging for various reasons, including money, poor output, etc. This is why you don’t find many of these titles in small businesses, but they are widespread in huge corporations. They have somewhat varied tasks in big organizations and most likely have various positions in the hierarchy.

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