About Us

Nourishare Calling

Nourishare specialises in the provision of food solutions to organisations, families and individuals.  Nourishare is known for excellent customer service delivery which is anchored on technology, expertise, professionalism, food safety and hygiene. The organisation is experienced in building and nurturing lasting relationship through customer generations.

Nourishare catering division has the technical ability and professional capacity to serve healthy and quality meals for all number-sets, menu tastes, be it indoor or outdoor settings. Its base of professional and experienced chefs has given the company distinguished recognition by a range of the customer base in Zimbabwe, who have enjoyed the delicacies of its catering services.

On the supply, packing and distribution front, Nourishare has a strong and lasting and self-renewal network of serious players in the food ecosystem. Nourishare has come to be known for providing access to a range of food products, grains, vegetables, fruits and meats, poultry products, and many more including organically produced food stuffs.


To be an outstanding provider of food solutions in Southern Africa.


Nourishare’s calling is to uniquely feed generations.

Core Values

  • Food Safety
  • Reliability
  • Accountability
  • Quality
  • Friendliness
  • Competence
  • Professionalism
  • Timeliness
  • Commitment

Nourishare is wholly owned by Mentor Land (PVT) LTD, which is a business organisation incorporated in Zimbabwe in year 2015 and headquartered in Harare. Nourishare is an offspring of its founders’ passion to feed people with quality and quantity. The founding couple are humble, experienced, well acquainted people who discovered their calling to feed groups, families and individuals.

Contact Us

 WhatsApp and Calls: +263784590488
 Email:  customerservice@nourishare.org
 Website: www.nourishare.org